Prepare yourself...

Do you know how to behave appropriately and show due respect? No? Then it must be enforced with punishment. It is a vital factor in shaping one’s personality. Corner time, caning or an extended period of time in the dungeon cage should help!


Do you want to be made helpless?

Mistress Cat will wrap you up tightly in pallet wrap, clingfilm, duct tape, or in a leather sleep sack or clear latex sleep sack. You will become completely immobilized and then left bound in a state of sensory deprivation for a period of time, before being released from your bondage. Mummification is often used to enhance a feeling of total bodily helplessness, and incorporated with sensation play.


Feel the ropes tighten...

Mistress Cat specialises in bondage. Come and experience her rope skills, feel the sense of helplessness as you are bound firmly and Mistress watches you struggle.

Foot Worship

Boots, shoes and gorgeous bare feet...

Do you feel the growing need to massage, kiss, and praise a Mistress's feet? Is your greatest desire to be trampled under delicate female feet? Then you have come to the right place...


Have you been naughty?

Mistress Cat will carry out a spanking with the use of her bare hand, or with any of a variety of implements including a paddle, leather strap, canes, riding crops or floggers. You will be put over the knee or made to take up the appropriate position over the spanking bench.


Give your mind over to me...

Mistress Cat uses hypnosis as a mental form of persuasion and mind control to take control of you. Mistress Cat will reduce your inhibitions and take great pleasure in placing trigger words in your mind as post-hypnotic suggestion that can be used to make you react in a certain way at a future time, when triggered.

Violet Wand

Experience sensual electric play

Mistress Cat uses her violet wand for both direct and in-direct contact with your skin. Sparks will fly!


Exlore your feminine side...

...through cross-dressing. From wearing female underwear to high heels to being fully dressed in very feminine attire and make-up, and forced into a chastity device.

Mistress Cat does NOT offer the following:

Scat, watersports, strap-ons, poppers, blood/needle play, an escort service, switching, phone or cyber sex/domination.

So please do not cause offence by asking.