Contact Mistress Cat

You are permitted to email Mistress Cat with your reasons why she should grant you a meeting at her dungeon.

If you meet her stringent requirements you will be given a telephone number to make an appointment.

Mistress Cat is normally available between 9am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday.

Note: Mistress Cat does not respond to text messages or voicemail. If you withhold your number when calling her she will not answer the phone. She does not open emails with attachments. Mistress Cat is very happy in a wonderful relationship with the man of her dreams who is her soulmate. No matter how much you sweet talk Mistress Cat there is no possibility that you will ever take his place.

These rules do not change under any circumstances.

Important booking information: If you fail to confirm by phone an hour before you are due to arrive, the appointment will be considered cancelled.

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